Best Liverpool Players Ever | Liverpool Legends List – Top 10

6. Billy Lidell

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Lidell was a Scottish winger who played his entire professional career with Liverpool. He signed with the club as a teenager in 1938 and retired in 1961, having scored 228 goals in 534 appearances.

Liverpool’s pre-Shankly era is often considered a barren time, but inspired by Liddell they won the league title in 1947.

Bob Paisley said: “Opponents were frightened to death of the most gentle man on earth. Billy was so strong, you couldn’t shake him off the ball. Undoubtedly, he was one of the best Liverpool players ever.

5. Graeme Souness

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Souness was the complete midfielder who Steven Gerrard wanted to emulate. He won three European Cups, five league championships,four league cups

He played for the club between 1978-1984,making 359 apps.Several legends regard him as the greatest footballer to ever pull on a Liverpool shirt.


4. John Barnes

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Barnes was a lethal footballer who played mostly on the left wing. He way he used to manipulate the ball was an absolute wonder. He was a pacy winger that could feature as a centre-forward and who later converted to a deep-lying midfielder due to Achilles injury.

Barnes netted on 108 occasions in his 10-year stint with the Reds, a truly remarkable feat that has cemented his place as one of Liverpool’s best.

In 2006, in a poll of Liverpool fans’ favourite players, Barnes came fifth. He played for the club between 1987-1997.

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