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Best Free-Kick Takers In The History Of Football

Free-kicks are always a fascinating aspect of a football game.They always keeps the fans tied to the edges of their seats and long lives in the memory of the football fans and players.There are/were some players who mastered this skill and are regarded as one of the best ever free-kick takers ever.Today we will have a look at some of the Best Free-Kick Takers In The History Of Football .

10.Roberto Carlos

Roberto Carlos generated bullet like speed with his free kicks. Whilst his consistency has been called into question, I feel he warrants a spot in the top ten due to the legacy he has left on the game. His style of driving the ball at the goal with brute force offered something different to the traditional approach of bending the ball over the wall. He is especially famous for a free kick against France in a friendly match on 3rd June 1997. Roberto Carlos shot from 35 m (115 ft) from the centre-right channel with his left foot, and scored.

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