Premier League Clubs Ranked On Season Ticket Prices For 2024-25

12. Nottingham Forest [£550]

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Nottingham Forest season ticket prices have increased by around 18 per cent when compared to 2023-24 prices. Adult season tickets start at £550 with the most expensive adult Season Card capped at £850. With the Premier League status secured for another season, it will be interesting to see what the fans think of the Price increment.

11. Manchester United [£579]

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Manchester United’s season ticket prices for the 2024–2025 season increased by 5%, with the cheapest option now costing £579 from £551 last season. It is the second increase United have put on season tickets after 11 consecutive seasons of price freezes.

10. Brighton & Hove Albion [£595]

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Season Ticket prices at The Amex have been increased by 5-6% on average. Their fans would be happy after the club’s poor performance last season. Adults in the North Stand, South West Corner and West Upper Wings will pay 6.3 percent more, up from £565 to £595. While the season tickets in the West Stand Upper Central and West Stand Lower Wings now cost, an increase of 5.2 percent from last season.

9. Fulham [£619]

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The cheapest adult season ticket at Craven Cottage has increased by 4% and now costs £619. A season ticket in the Riverside Platinum-Upper will cost more than a staggering £3000, which is the highest in the whole of the Premier League.

8. Bournemouth [£633]

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Bournemouth have bumped the season ticket prices for the 2023-24 season by a blended average of 5-8%. Currently, the most expensive adult season ticket is priced at £1093, in the Executive Lounge while the least expensive one is priced at £533, in the North/South stand.

7. Aston Villa [£640]

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Aston Villa have increased most adult season ticket prices by 5 percent. The cheapest season ticket at Villa Park went from £160 in 2023/24 to £640 for the 2024/25 season. Aston Villa’s season tickets have risen by 91% in the last 10 years – far and beyond their fellow Premier League clubs.

6. Everton [£650]

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The cheapest season ticket price for adults for the 2024-25 season is £650, for a seat in the Lower Bullens or Lower Howard Kendall Gwladys Street stand, which is £50 more than compared to the last season. Adults can get a season ticket for £555 in the Family Enclosure.

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