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Worst Wolves Signings Ever – 10 Pointless Wolverhampton Signings

worst Wolves signings ever

The team that is known as Wolverhampton Wanderers FC today, was once known as St. Luke when it was formed. John Baynton and John Brodie had formed it in the year 1877. In 1889 the club was given Molineux stadium which is filled with good atmosphere and cheerful Wolves fans.

The journey of Wolves has been a roller coaster ride. There have been decisions that have created history and there also have been decisions that can be contemplated as the worst managerial decisions. People blame the fluctuations in ownership of these decisions.

Many things are responsible for the performance of a team. It is the set of players, the coaching staffs, managers, the coordination amongst players, the coordination between players and staffs, etc. All of these act as important factors behind the performance of the teams.

The Wolves are one team that has seen both the sunrise, sunset and sunrise again. The failure of the team was a testing time for the players and the fans. There have been many signings that have resulted adversely for Wolverhampton. In this article, we will have a look at some of the worst Wolves signings ever.

Based on performance, impact, loyalty, signing fee and behaviour, here are the 10 worst Wolves signings ever.

3. Stefan Maierhofer

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In the year 2009, Stefan Maierhofer was signed for € 1.8 million. When this news broke out, everybody criticised the decision. This was plenty amount for a team which is based in the Midlands. The only thing that the Manager of the Wolves thought could shut the mouth of the critics was the performance of Stephan.

But, he was very bad on-field apart from one match against Blackburn. He also suffered from an injury. People said that he has a hernia. He could score only one goal in the two years and was disappointment for the club and the fans.

2. Marlon Harewood

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When Marlon Harewood was signed for Wolves it was been hyped much. He was considered as the best move and there were many articles on the media backing up this move.

But whenever Marlon entered the ground, he was lacking intent. He was lazy with his moves and failed to create even a minimal impact that was expected from him. Thus, the decision to buy him turned out to be a disaster for the Old Golds. In the Championship league, he failed to make appearances. He appeared five times for the Wolves and went goalless in all the occasions.

1. Roger Johnson

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If we talk about the most underperformed players in the history of Wolverhampton, Roger Johnson would feature on the top of the list everytime. Roger was brought from Birmingham for around €5 million. He was soon handed over the captaincy. The club had good expectations from him. But soon, things turned out worse for them.

He appeared 72 times for the Wolves and the performance of the team dipped during this phase. Moreover, there was a division amongst the players. There was no unity. The fans and players blamed the boss Mick McCarthy for all of this.

But Roger was to be blamed equally for it. There were a lot of expectations from him. His behaviour at the club was also absurd. He came drunk in the training session after the 5-0 loss that Wolves suffered against Fulham. This should be considered the worst Wolves signings ever.

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2 thoughts on “Worst Wolves Signings Ever – 10 Pointless Wolverhampton Signings

  1. Bartram, Lange and Boswell are the three worst keepers we’ve ever had EVER! Additionally each of them should be in the worst top players we’ve ever had.

  2. Somebody hasn’t been watching Wolves very long. To put some of these players in Wolve worst is ludicrous

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