10 Worst Tottenham Hotspur Managers Ever

Since the turn of the millennium, Spurs have had 14 managers. In the 21st century, Mauricio Pochettino was the only manager who can really be considered as a good choice by Tottenham. In fact, his tenure at the club was among the longest Spurs managers’ tenures in the club’s recent history.

Nuno Espírito Santo was recently sacked as the manager of the club, despite not having done as horrendous a job as some mentioned in this article. In this article, let us have a look at some of the worst Tottenham Hotspur managers ever.

Considering various factors. such as win percentage, playing style, dressing room atmosphere, etc, here are the 10 worst Tottenham Hotspur managers ever.

10) David Pleat

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He had a poor win percentage of 36.36 % in the league and 48.72 % overall. He had managed the Lilywhites 1 time as permanent manager and 3 times as caretaker manager and won absolutely nothing at all. In his 33 league games in charge during the 2003-04 season, his side won 12, drew 6, and lost 15 games and finished 14th in the Premier League. His attitude was also a bit problematic.

Pleat was relieved of his duties as manager of Tottenham at the end of October 1987 when newspaper revelations were made public that Pleat had been cautioned by police three times for kerb-crawling that forced him to leave Spurs.

9) Doug Livermore and Ray Clemence

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Livermore and Ray Clemence were both in charge for the 1992-93 season and had a win percentage of 38.10 % in the league. The duo guided the Lilywhites to finish 9th in the league. The co-managers lead the club to a very mediocre first Premier League campaign. The team also lost the FA cup semi-final to the arch-rivals Arsenal who went on to win the competition.

8) Gerry Francis

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Gerry did a decent job of cleaning up after the mess created by Ossie Ardiles. They were in 15th place at the time of his arrival and then with the major help of Spurs’ talisman Jurgen Klinsmann the team ended up in 7th place. However, once Klinsmann left the squad it got really difficult for the gaffer and before you know it, Spurs were in the bottom half of the PL table. Francis resigned in November 1997 with the team in the relegation zone. He is regarded as one of the worst Tottenham Hotspur managers ever.

7) Christian Gross

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In his third game in charge, his team got thrashed by Chelsea with six goals to one. The team was already in the relegation zone when he arrived. His appointment was a bit bizarre as nobody had ever heard of him and had odd coaching methods and strange behavior. He was late at his first Spurs press conference with a London tube ticket with the words “I want this to become my ticket to the dreams” scrawled across it which seemed weird and alarming.

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