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Top 10 Tottenham Hotspur Managers Ranked On Win Percentage

Tottenham Hotspur are one of the most popular football clubs in England. Many great managers have managed the clubs over the years, but not all had similar results. In this article, we have ranked the Tottenham Hotspur managers on win percentage.

This ranking is based on win percentage only, we have also written a separate article on the 10 greatest Tottenham Hotspur managers ever. Let us look at the top 10 Tottenham Hotspur managers ranked on win percentage.

10. Bill Nicholson [Matches – 832, Win % – 49.04]

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Bill Nicholson is unarguably the greatest Tottenham Hotspur manager ever. He managed the club for over 800 matches between 1958-1974 and collected 11 trophies in his 16 years as manager. Nicholson took over the club at the bottom of the First Division and brought the greatest period in the history of the club. He built one of the greatest teams in history and brought many great players to the club including the likes of Dave Mackay, Pat Jennings and Jimmy Greaves.

9. Harry Redknapp [M – 198, W% – 49.49]

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Harry Redknapp got the best out of the Spurs squad during his near-four seasons in charge. Taking over Spurs in 2008, which had suffered the club’s worst-ever start to a season, Redknapp steered them to eighth and the League Cup final. He also led the club to Champions League football. Spurs played some great football under him, reaching the Champions League quarter-finals in 2011.

8. Tim Sherwood [M – 28, W% – 50]

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Tim Sherwood was appointed as Spurs’ boss after the departure of Andre Villas-Boas in 2013. His appointment was on a temporary basis but was supposedly given an 18-month contract. He was sacked despite having one of the best win percentages of any Spurs boss ever following a couple of heavy defeats to major Premier League sides. He also features in our list of worst Tottenham Hotspur managers ever.

7. Jose Mourinho [M- 86, W% – 51.16]

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Jose Mourinho became Tottenham’s manager in November 2019, following the sacking of Mauricio Pochettino. He finished his first season in the sixth position in the Premier League table. Spurs fans were quite optimistic for the following season as Mourinho as known for his second-season heroics but it wasn’t the case this time. He did take the club to the League Cup final but was sacked a few days before it.

6. John Cameron [M – 570, W% – 51.96]

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John Cameron was the player-manager of the club for over 500 games between 1899 and 1907. He guided Spurs to victory in the 1901 FA Cup Final and the Southern Football League championship in 1900. He has left an everlasting impression on the history of Tottenham Hotspur.

5. Mauricio Pochettino [M – 293, W% – 54.27]

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Pochettino became Tottenham Hotspur’s head coach in May 2014. Spurs underwent a significant transition under Pochettinoand played eye-catching football. He made Spurs a Champions League regular and in 2019, he led Tottenham to the UCL final. In the 2016–17 season, he also guided the team to their best-ever second-place finish in the Premier League. In November 2019, with Tottenham Hotspur in 14th place in the Premier League standings, Pochettino was sacked.

4. Andre Villas-Boas [M – 80, W% – 55.00%]

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Villas-Boas replaced Harry Redknapp as Spurs’ boss in July 2012. He became the first Tottenham manager to beat Manchester United at Old Trafford in the Premier League era following their 3-2 win over the Red Devils. Villas-Boas also won the Premier League manager of the month award twice. He guided Spurs to their then-record tally of 72 points in the Premier League during the 2012–13 season but failed to quality for UCL football. He left the club in December 2013 by mutual consent.

3. Arthur Turner [M – 49, W% – 55.10%]

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Arthur Turner managed the club between 1942 and 1946 and won 27 out of 49 matches. He joined the club in 1906, as secretary of the club and served the club in a number of capacities. He remained a life-long employee of the club until his death in 1949.

2. Antonio Conte [M – 58, W% – 56.90%]

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Conte is relatively new, having only spent a year as the manager of Tottenham. However, during this short period of time, he took the club from ninth place to fourth during the 2021-22 season, thus earning Champions League football at the expense of neighbours and rivals Arsenal.

He has made some quality signings ahead of the 2022-23 season and Spurs fans will hope for a stellar campaign. Conte has all the qualities to be one of the best Tottenham Hotspur managers ever.

1. Frank Brettell [M – 63, W% – 58.73%]

Brettell was appointed as Tottenham Hotspur’s manager in 1898. He signed a number of players from northern clubs including John Cameron. He managed the club for 63 matches and won 37 of them, giving him the best win percentage in the history of Tottenham Hotspur.

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