Top 20 Premier League Players In Fifa 18

EA Sports has released the names of the top 100 players in Fifa 18 game with Cristiano Ronaldo beating Lionel Messi to the top spot. Here are top 20 Premier League players in Fifa 18 .

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20. Diego Costa [Chelsea] [86]

Diego Costa had a good last season so he has been awarded with +1 overall in rating.

19. David Luiz [Chelsea] [86]

On the back of a superb title-winning season with Chelsea, David Luiz sees his overall rating boosted two points from 84 to 86.

18. Cesc Fàbregas [Chelsea] [86]

Cesc Fàbregas rating is unchanged from last year’s FIFA 17.

17. Toby Alderweireld [Spurs] [86]

Alderweireld has established himself as one of the top defenders in the Premier League and receives a boost from 85 overall to 86.

16. Harry Kane [Spurs] [86]

Premier League Golden Boot winner,Harry Kane receives +1 in overall rating.

15. Philippe Coutinho [Liverpool] [86]

Coutinho’s rating is same as last year.

14. Romelu Lukaku [Man Utd] [86]

A fine last season with Everton and a similar start to this season with United boosts Lukaku to +2 increase in overall rating.

13. David Silva [Man City] [87]

Manchester City’s player of the last season, Silva is unchanged at 87 overall.

12. Christian Eriksen [Spurs] [87]

Eriksen has risen from an 84 rating on FIFA 17 to 87 overall in FIFA 18.

11. Paul Pogba [Man Utd] [87]

Pogba has received a -1 in overall ratings in FIFA 18 compared to FIFA 17.


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10. N’Golo Kanté [Chelsea] [87]

Kante started FIFA 17 at 81 overall before being pushed to 83, and has now rocketed up to 87 as the reigning Premier League Player of the Year.

9. Mesut Özil [Arsenal] [88]

Germany international Ozil is down one point from 89 to 88 overall on the back of another disappointing season for Arsenal.

8. Zlatan Ibrahimović [Man Utd] [88]

Ibrahimovic’s rating is down from 90 in FIFA 17 to 88 in FIFA 18.

7. Hugo Lloris [Spurs] [88]


Lloris’ rating is same as last year.

6. Thibaut Courtois [Chelsea] [89]

One of the best keepers in the league, Thibaut Courtois has a rating of 89 ,which is same as last year.

5. Sergio Agüero [Man City] [89]

Another man who retains the overall rating he sported in FIFA 17 as Kun stays on 89.

4. Kevin De Bruyne [Man City] [89]

After a very good last season with Man City, De Bruyne has been rewarded with +1 in overall ratings.

3. Alexis Sánchez [Arsenal] [89]

Sanchez has also received 1 point boost from last year’s ratings.

2. David de Gea [Man Utd] [90]

De Gea’s outstanding form last reason sees him to held onto his overall rating of 90.

1. Eden Hazard [Chelsea] [90]

Hazard’s one-point upgrade to 90 overall makes him the best rated player in FIFA 18.



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