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Some Famous Celebrities and Their Favorite Football Clubs

An intense game of football is enough to grasp your breath for a while. The voice of a thousand spectators in a stadium can give you goose bumps, and the millions of fans all across the globe show that this game needs no introduction at all. Football is associated with passion, emotion, excitement and dedication. Fans get emotionally attached with certain football clubs they like.

Even the famous personalities and celebrities don’t shy away from showing their love and support for their favorite football clubs. In this article, we have mentioned some famous celebrities and their favorite football clubs.

Here is a list of 15 celebrities and their favorite football clubs.

15. Justin Timberlake

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One of the most successful commercial singers of the last decade Justin Timberlake became a ‘Manchester United’ fan after meeting ex-Manchester United player Alan Smith, who invited the singer to a match. The Hollywood star instantly fell in love with the game. Timberlake hailed Manchester United fans praising their faithfulness to the club.

14. Harry Styles

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Harry Styles of the famous band, One Direction, along with band mates Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik, is a ‘Manchester United’ fan. He has an affinity towards Rio Ferdinand and flaunted it by wearing a United jersey with Ferdinand’s name on the back of it, and they both have been known for exchanging pleasantries on Twitter.

13. Bryan Adams

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Grammy Award winning Canadian singer Bryan Adams is an ardent supporter of the ‘Chelsea’. His love for Chelsea can be understood from that fact that he even recorded a song called ‘We’re Gonna Win’ in support of his favorite club.

12. Bill Clinton

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Former U.S. president Bill Clinton is said to be a huge fan of ‘Chelsea’. While he was studying for his degree at Oxford during the 1960s, he would often go to Stamford Bridge to watch Chelsea play and he has also named his only child daughter as Chelsea. Coincidence? maybe not.

11. Shakira

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The well known singer and music director Shakira is a fan of ‘F.C. Barcelona’. She is married to Barcelona’s footballer Gerard Pique. Her true inclination towards Barcelona is evident by the fact that her foundation, Pies Descalzo, recently partnered with this football club. 

10. Tom Cruise

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Famous Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise, also known for his incredible stunt and the famous Hollywood movie Mission Impossible series, is one of the biggest fans of ‘Real Madrid’. He follows Real’s games and has been seen celebrating the title wins of the club with its supporters.

9. Andrew Flintoff – Manchester City

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Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff is a former Lancashire and England cricketer. The Preston-born Manchester City fan was one of the biggest names in world cricket when he helped England to their famous 2005 Ashes win. He once himself said that ”I’m a Manchester City supporter. I go to see them.”

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