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Premier League 2022-23: Ranking The Stadiums On Atmosphere

6. Molineux

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Wolverhampton has enjoyed one of the best atmospheres in their games. The supporters lit up the stadium by turning up for every home match of their team. The fans of Wolverhampton are loyal and they keep on coming even though their team mostly underperforms. The fans fill up the stadium with banners, slogans, chants, etc.

The statue of Billy Wright is placed outside the stadium and it works as a symbol of dedication towards the club. The stadium has been trying to extend the seating capacity since 2010 and a multi-million program of redevelopment has been presented.

5. The City Ground

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Situated on the banks of the River Trent, The City Ground has been home to Nottingham Forest Football Club since 1898 and has a capacity of 30,445. The match day atmosphere at the stadium is one of the best in England. They are one of a select few English clubs that have won the European Cup. The success that they have enjoyed over the years has pretty much all been achieved at The City Ground.

4. Villa Park

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Villa Park has been the home of Aston Villa Football Club since 1897. They say once you visit Villa Park, you want to go there again and again. This majorly happens because of the splendid atmosphere that is there for the matches. It has a good capacity of 42 thousand. The stadium has been renovated many a time by the management to create an emphatic atmosphere and surroundings.

3. Anfield

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With a capacity of 61,000 spectators, Anfield is always a step ahead of all the other stadiums in terms of crowd and noise. It is the official home for Liverpool since 1892 which was also the year of their formation. Whenever there is a clash with Manchester City, Everton or Manchester United, the atmosphere becomes thrilling and the match becomes exciting to watch. The players of Liverpool also believe that the support of the fans gives them an emotional lift and that is why they are invincible at home.

2. Elland Road

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Elland Road has been the home of Leeds United F.C. since the club’s foundation in 1919. Elland Road has four stands – the Revie Stand, the East Stand, the South Stand, and the John Charles Stand– and a capacity of 37,890.

Sir Alex Ferguson once called it “the most intimidating venue in Europe”. Despite abortive plans to move out in 2001, the club remains at the ground where it won the league in 1969, 1974, and 1992. What’s most important about Elland Road, though, is the place it retains in the life of the city, and the hearts of the locals.

1. St. James’ Park

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Football is more than just a game for the fans of Newcastle United. It can be rightly said that St. James Park is the cathedral of the Newcastle fans who treat football as a religion. It has been home for Newcastle United for 130 years. There are four stands in the stadium, which are Gallowgate End, Leazes End, Milburn Stand, and East Stand. It has a spectator capacity of around 52 thousand and it is filled mostly with an energetic and enthusiastic crowd who come in large numbers to support Newcastle.

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  • The Brown Ale stand? No such stand fella.

    The stadium is referred to as the gallowgate? No, the gallowgate is referred to as the Gallowgate!

    How can you get so much wrong in one paragraph? I’m assuming you done some research?

  • There’s no John Hall stand either. Jesus this is way off!

    Leazers stand, Gallowgate stand, Milburn stand, East stand.

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