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Ranking The Premier League Stadiums On Atmosphere – EPL 2019-20 Clubs

ranking the Premier League stadiums on atmosphere

What sets up the match? It is, of course, the players who are at the foreground as they give their best. But there are many things in the background which sets up the match, like the rivalry between the two sides, the fans, the noise they create in the stadium, the vibe or the atmosphere of the stadiums, etc. Each and everything drives the players to push themselves harder for the respective teams they play for.

There are two kinds of the notion when we talk about the atmosphere of the Stadiums. There are groups of people who chant, make noises and sing songs and anthems for the club they are supporting. On contrary to this, there are groups of supporters who like to watch the match with concentration and mannerism.

It is not long ago when Jose Mourinho complained that the fans at The Old Trafford were too quiet. He was soon attacked by the fans for criticising them. So, there is often debate between which is the best stadium. We have tried ranking the Premier League stadiums on atmosphere.

We have collected the data from sites like the92.net, footballgroundmap.com and other similar sites, which collect reviews from fans itself. Lets move ahead with ranking the Premier League stadiums on atmosphere.

12. Goodison Park

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Goodison Park has become a stadium which seems to be out of date. The stadium was inaugurated 127 years back. There have been slight modifications in the stadium but the obstructed views, wooden flooring and seating are some of the things that just can never attract a healthy atmosphere. The traditional stadium might look unique but it fails to create the atmosphere which the fans of Everton want.

11. Stamford Bridge

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The atmosphere at Stamford Bridge is good, thanks to the performance of the home team Chelsea. It has seen a part of many historic matches. It was inaugurated in the year 1905. The Stamford Bridge Stadium can accommodate over 41 thousand spectators successfully. This is one of the reasons that there has been a lot of buzz in the recent past.

10. St. Mary’s

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The stadium of St. Mary’s is comparatively new. It does not have generation old roots like Anfield or James Park. The stadium has been home to Southampton since 2001. However, there is no problem with the attendances or atmosphere in the problem. There is always a positive atmosphere for the players of Southampton. The average attendance in the last season was 30.7 thousand which is a good number if we talk about the standards.

9. King Power Stadium

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The King Power stadium is one of the best in the English Premier League. The crowd and the atmosphere gives the players a feeling of connection and emotion. The fans help fellow supporters and create a family. The support of the fans creates an enthusiastic atmosphere for the game.

8. Carrow Road

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The fans of the Norwich are known for their loyalty. But in the last few years, their fans have been dipping. This is a matter of concern for the club. The atmosphere at Carrow Road used to be electrifying in the 1990s or early 2000s. But everything has slackened like their performances. Even in the current season, Norwich has lost 7 games at home which is disappointing to see. People who have been following football since ages in Norwich say that it is the flaw of the management. They say that the management is responsible because they have given permits to casual fans to watch the match.

7. The Amex Stadium

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The Brighton has been blessed with a stunning stadium called Amex. Since, the inauguration in 2011, the stadium has been a witness of some of the most thrilling matches. Thrilling matches means crowds and crowds mean atmosphere. The capacity of Brighton’s home venue is around 31 thousand.

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