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Premier League 2022-23: Ranking The Stadiums On Atmosphere

13. King Power Stadium

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The King Power stadium is one of the best in the English Premier League. The crowd and the atmosphere give the players a feeling of connection and emotion. The fans help fellow supporters and create a family. The support of the fans creates an enthusiastic atmosphere for the game.

12. St. Mary’s

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The stadium of St. Mary’s is comparatively new. It does not have generation-old roots like Anfield or St. James’ Park. The stadium has been home to Southampton since 2001. However, there is no problem with the attendance or atmosphere in the problem. There is always a positive atmosphere for the players of Southampton.

11. Goodison Park

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Goodison Park has become a stadium that seems to be out of date. The stadium was inaugurated 127 years back. There have been slight modifications in the stadium but the obstructed views, wooden flooring and seating are some of the things that still need improvement. The traditional stadium might look unique but it fails to create the atmosphere that the fans of Everton want.

10. The Amex Stadium

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Brighton has been blessed with a stunning stadium called Amex. Since, its inauguration in 2011, the stadium has been a witness to some of the most thrilling matches. Thrilling matches mean crowds and crowds mean atmosphere. The capacity of Brighton’s home venue is around 31 thousand.

9. Brentford Community Stadium

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Brentford Community Stadium is located less than a mile from Griffin Park and has a capacity of 17,250. The stadium was opened on 30 August 2020, so it’s very early to judge its atmosphere correctly. Brentford were promoted to the Premier League in 2021 and had a good first season with fans constantly providing vocal support.

8. Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

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The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is one of the best-built football stadiums. It can accommodate around 62 thousand spectators in the stadium, which is great to build up an atmosphere. This stadium was inaugurated in April, 2019. The stadium has the challenge to replace the old home venue of White Hart Lane.

In the short span, the atmosphere has been good with around 61 thousand people turning up for big matches. There is often a debate going on to dedicate the stadium only for football. But the management has said firmly that the stadium has been designed for multiple sports.

7. Selhurst Park

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Selhurst Park, the home ground of Crystal Palace opened in 1924. It is very famous for its atmosphere. The one thing that every other club desires in the premier league are home support like Crystal Palace gets. The atmosphere at Selhurst Park is very cheerful for the home players. People come in large numbers just to support their club. The stadium accommodates around 25 thousand people.

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  • The Brown Ale stand? No such stand fella.

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    How can you get so much wrong in one paragraph? I’m assuming you done some research?

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