Ranked : Premier League Clubs With The Most Debts

3. Manchester United [£455.5m]

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United revealed their second quarter fiscal 2021 results on 4th March, with debt up 16 percent to UK£455.5 million (US$629.8 million) following 12 months of the coronavirus pandemic. United’s revenue was down 7.2 percent year-on-year to £281.8 million with profit dropping by 6.9 percent to £33.8 million. Commercial revenue was down 19.1 per cent to £122.3 million and with matches played behind closed doors since last March, matchday revenue dropped from £55.2 million to £3.2 million.

2. Tottenham [£733m]

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Spurs are not just one of England’s top clubs, they have moved into the top dozen in Europe. What’s more, they have leapfrogged Arsenal, their North London rivals, built a terrific new stadium and have reached the Champions League final. The past decade has been eventful for the Spurs, but they still haven’t won anything since 2008.

Tottenham’s gross debt totals £831million, with £140million owed in transfer debt, £96million in tax debt, £9million in trade creditors and £102million in other creditors equalling a total of £1.177bn. Overall, their net debt is around £733m.

1. Chelsea [£1.3bn]

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Chelsea have a unique ownership structure, wherein the club’s debt (about £1.3 billion owed to Abramovich) has been converted to debt held in a holding company, Fordstam Limited.

This bit of financial hand-waving means that Chelsea, as a club, are essentially debt-free, though Abramovich could theoretically call in the full amount owed, which could lead to an interesting situation — though in practice would essentially mean he’s selling the club and the new buyer would have to fulfill that debt.

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