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Ranked: All 20 Premier League Clubs’ Away Fans

5. Aston Villa

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As one of the biggest British football clubs, Villa has a huge fan base and pedigree. Villa Park often boasts a special atmosphere and that’s brought to away games too. Their fans love to chant and banter with the away fans. Thick or thin, Villa fans are always there for the team.

4. West Ham United

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The atmosphere at London stadium can be a hit-miss kind of a kind but we can not forget how great was Upton Park’s atmosphere. Their away fans are also great. The Hammers fill their away allocation with ease on a weekly basis, even if they have to head up to St. James’s Park or the Stadium of Light on a cold Tuesday night. To support your side all over the nation when the going gets tough makes for a special set of supporters.

3. Liverpool

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Liverpool have one of the best home fans in the world. The atmosphere inside Anfield can be very intimidating for away fans. Yet they are also an asset when the Reds travel, following their team in droves and providing vital encouragement. Rival fans regularly name their Liverpool counterparts as the noisiest in the country, both home and away.

2. Newcastle United

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Magpies fans are some of the most hardcore in the world, mocking soft southerners in their coats and scarves when they rock up at the Emirates or Stamford Bridge. They are also extremely vocal and devoted, even though their team has been bang average ever since Mike Ashley purchased the club. A fan survey in 2020 saw Newcastle United run away with the prize of the Premier League’s best away fans with 19% of the vote.

1. Leeds United

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Leeds fans are renowned for the passionate support they provide at every single game. They stuck with the team through thick and thin.  They supported the club even when Leeds plunged down into the third tier of English football after entering administration in 2007.

One of the loudest sets of fans in England, United often take control of the atmosphere at away ends and inspire their team to victory. An online poll of more than 6,000 UK football fans conducted in April 2020 named the Leeds faithful as the best away supporters in the country, and it is easy to see why.

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    Biggest load of bollocks I’ve read. How can you make this conclusion with Brentford having one prem away day in their history? This has clearly been created by someone who more than likely follows cricket or tennis, definitely not footy. Clueless shite

  • Pat Kelly

    How on earth can Watford come 20th, one of the best support bases in the country. Massive community club and give their all on Away games. First thing Watford were in Championship last season, and like most only played 1 away game. Brentford have not been in Premier league for how many years!!??. A load of BS


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  • #MOT #ALAW if tha tis from Yorkshire tha supowts the white rose

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