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Ranked: All 20 Premier League Clubs’ Away Fans

12. Tottenham Hotspur

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Spurs fans are very vocal, especially in the big games against their top-six rivals. During matches against Arsenal and West Ham, the away fans are on top of their voice and provide full support to their team. However, when it comes to the league’s lesser sides they can leave something to be desired.

11. Crystal Palace

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Selhurst Park has one of the best atmospheres in the Premier League. Palace fans try to create something similar during their travel. Even though it’s not as intimidating as, during home games, their away fans create a decent atmosphere for their team on road. They are among the best Premier League clubs away fans.

10. Arsenal

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Arsenal’s support home and away has wearied down in the past few seasons. This is mostly due to the performances on the pitch. Their fans instead of inspiring their team on difficult nights away from home they can become a little too hostile towards their own players at times.

9. Everton

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Both halves of Merseyside love the sport. Everton supporters travel far and wide to see their team play. Over the course of Premier League history, Everton have registered many famous away victories and some credit should be given to the fans as well.

8. Manchester United

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A case can be made that United fans create a better atmosphere away than at home. They have often been criticised for the often average atmosphere at Old Trafford in recent times, but when they go away from home the real diehards create an inspired atmosphere.

7. Wolves FC

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The atmosphere at the Molineux is admirable but the Wolves fans carry it to away grounds as well. The West Midlands club inherits a passionate set of fans who travel excellently – both in numbers and ambience. This has resulted in shock away wins in the past few seasons including one at the Etihad as well. Wolves fans always make a special atmosphere and their team love it.

6. Chelsea

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Chelsea have enjoyed a lot of success over the last two decades. Premier League titles, Champion League titles, FA Cups, they have won it all. The energy and backing brought by their expectant supporters have always been key to their success. Home or away, their fans always give it all.

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  • Drew peacock

    Biggest load of bollocks I’ve read. How can you make this conclusion with Brentford having one prem away day in their history? This has clearly been created by someone who more than likely follows cricket or tennis, definitely not footy. Clueless shite

  • Pat Kelly

    How on earth can Watford come 20th, one of the best support bases in the country. Massive community club and give their all on Away games. First thing Watford were in Championship last season, and like most only played 1 away game. Brentford have not been in Premier league for how many years!!??. A load of BS


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  • #MOT #ALAW if tha tis from Yorkshire tha supowts the white rose

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