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Most Passionate EPL Fan Bases : Ranking All 20 Clubs Of 2019-20

most passionate fan bases

English Premier League is the most-watched football league in the world. People across the world support different teams from this league with full passion and love. Having passionate fans inside the stadium creates an incredible atmosphere that acts as the 12th man for the team. In this article, we have all the 20 clubs ranked according to the most passionate EPL fan bases.

Here are the most passionate EPL fan bases in the Premier League –

20. AFC Bournemouth

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No one’s heard of us, no one’s heard of us, no one’s heard of us – but we don’t care…” So go the words of the strong, determined and loud AFC Bournemouth fans have sung on the terraces for so long.

Thanks to Maxim Demin’s investments, AFC Bournemouth is one of the world’s richest clubs, having joined the £120m club. It will be sufficient to expand its 12,000-seater stadium. Among the newly expanding fan bases, this club may be leading the chart for their own good.

19. Watford

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Watford fans are passionate and hard working. Founded in 1881 as Watford Rovers. They entered the FA Cup for the first time in 1886. 136 years of heritage and pride is reflected in their attitude.

Owner Gino Pozzo is also the heir of the Italian club Udinese Calcio. Watford home ground at Vicarage Road has a capacity of 21,438. The ground observed a humongous attendance of 20,552 in the match with Manchester United this season.

18. Burnley

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Burnley’s population is around 80k and the average attendance for the last Premier League season was a massive 20.5K. It was a ‘wow’ achievement considering the size of Burnley.

This club has got a tremendous local support. A fair number of fans come from Colne Nelson Brierfield which roll into Burnley. Then come Clitheroe and a catchment area right into Yorkshire.

Sean Dyche once said, “Burnley have a fanbase to be proud of. After my first season we sold Charlie Austin and there was the usual response from crowds, not always positive, and I said then it’s important we focus on what the team are doing, and they’ve been amazing since then.”

17. Brighton And Hove Albion

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If you ever visit the Amex Stadium, you will fall in love instantly with this amazingly decorated piece of art. It got the facility of 30,750 which is more than a match for most of the top-flight. With its sweeping curves, the Amex is not less than a Hollywood beauty to a football fanatic.

The potential fan base for the club is humongous. Brighton has a population of just under 300,000 and there are no such big rivals in near locality.

Some may feel they missed out a generation of potential supporters when they used to play at Gillingham and the Withdean. But when The Amex opened, the fans rushed back to cheer their home team. With an average attendance of 20,000, this is something many teams would dream of.

16. Southampton

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When you’re at home and you’ve got a great backing, it’s brilliant. And when you go on the road and you can hear your fans signing it’s what you want as a player. It’s credit to the Southampton fans who stuck to the team when they were in League One and on the brink of liquidation. It’s good that the fans stuck with them, and now they’re seeing Southampton playing week in, week out, in the Premier League.

Southampton was relegated in 2005 after their 27 years in top flight of English football. After playing six years in the second and third tier, Southampton gained promotion back to the Premier League. St. Mary’s Garden is their home ground having a capacity of 32,505. It maintains an average attendance of 30,734 which means a 94% filling rate. They are among one of the most passionate EPL fan bases.

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  1. What a joke….Anyone who really goes to football matches would know this list is absolute tosh, Probably compiled by someone who watches games on Sky….My top 3 would be Newcastle, Villa and Wolves not one of the big clubs whose grounds are always full of tourists ticking off another ground off their bucket list.

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