WWFC : Ranking The Wolves’ 5 Biggest Rivals

3. Wolves vs Birmingham City

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When it comes to West Midlands derby matches, there’s plenty of needle to be found on the park whenever any of the area’s big four sides play each other. The Second City derby, Aston Villa v Birmingham City, is more than matched in competitiveness and intensity by the Black Country derby, between Wolves and West Bromwich Albion.

Even though they are not bitter rivals but there is dislike betwen the two for each other. The bragging at stake makes it an intense affair. Birmingham City could easily be considered as one of the most hated rivals of Wolves FC.

So far, the clubs have faced 141 times, with Wolves winning 67 of them, while Blues won 41.

2. Wolves vs Aston Villa

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It is one which could well become more heightened in the coming years, with both clubs harbouring the same ambitions and facing some common problems in how precisely to achieve them.

Villa are obviously several steps behind Wolves, who needed only one campaign back in the top flight to break into European competition. But ultimately, the desired destination remains the same and both clubs know they will likely have to tread a similar path in order to reach it.

With both the clubs from the West Midlands region, expect this game to grow in stature. In the 127 games played between the two, Aston Villa has won 55, while Wolves has won 40.

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