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Greatest Sunderland XI Of All Time


CM: Bobby Kerr [1966-79] [432 appearances]

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The “little general” was the master and commander of Sunderland’s greatest squads – the 1973 FA Cup champions and the 1976 Division Two winners. His short stature was a foil to his fierce fighting spirit deceiving many opponents. Sitting coy in the midfield, he would marshall his resources and control the gameplay with an iron grip.

CM: Raich Carter [1932-39] [281 appearances]

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Raich was arguably England’s best player in the 1930s. A powerhouse of talent, he captained the Black Cats to League glory in 1936 – the youngest to do so at the time. He again led them to FA Cup victory in 1937. Raich was a prolific scorer and led from the front with his enviable goal scoring exploits.

CAM: Billy Hughes [1966-77] [332 appearances]

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Billy was the creative playmaker at Sunderland with his twin gifts of skills and speed. He regaled fans with his superb technical showmanship and pacy runs at defences. In addition, Billy could shoot thunderbolts with both his left and right. He was a member of the 1973 FA Cup-winning squad.

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