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10 Greatest Rangers FC Managers Ever

6. Graeme Souness

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Graeme Souness was signed as the new player-manager of Rangers on April 8, 1986. Not only did he re-awaken a sleeping giant, but he also revolutionised the game in Scotland. He went onto become one of the greatest Rangers FC managers ever.

Having no experience as a manager would be a problem, especially with Souness still being expected to play as much as possible. This led to the appointment of Walter Smith as his assistant. Souness smashed the wage structure at Ibrox, signed the cream of English football.

He also broke down the religious barrier by snatching Mo Johnston from under the noses of fierce rivals Celtic in 1989. This ended the Rangers’ decades-long policy of not signing Catholics.

In five years he won three league titles and four League Cups, helped David Murray buy the club in 1988, and set the foundations for the glorious nine-titles-in-a-row era that was continued by his trusty right-hand man Walter Smith.

5. Jock Wallace

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Jock Wallace was the first man to have been Rangers manager twice. In the first of those stints, he had the unprecedented success of guiding his team to win two League, Scottish Cup, and League Cup Trebles in the space of three seasons.

Wallace’s training methods were demanding. He was a hard man, a fitness fanatic who had fought as a commando in the jungles of Malaysia. The players found themselves running up and down huge sand dunes at Gullane.

But the hard work paid off. Not just in the honours that were won, but a large number of those players went on to have long careers as a result of the fitness levels achieved under Wallace.

4. William Wilton

Wilton was the first manager of the Rangers football club. He joined the club in September 1883 as a player but never progressed beyond the second string eleven. He served the club in various roles before being appointed as the manager of the club in 1899.

Wilton served that position until his death in 1920. He led the club to eight league titles, among a host of other trophies. He, unfortunately, lost his life in a boating accident in the year 1920. Wilton, undoubtedly, deserves a place among the greatest Rangers FC managers ever.

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