10 Greatest Premier League Managers Of All Time

3. Jose Mourinho

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Of course the “Special One” makes it to the list given how impactful his reigns have been with different clubs. He joined Chelsea as their manager after winning the Champions League with FC Porto. His impact was instant as Chelsea won back-to-back Premier League titles in his first two seasons as the in-charge. He returned to Stamford Bridge in 2013 and won the Premier League again in his next season.

With Manchester United, he won the Europa League in 2016-17, but his stint with Tottenham left him trophyless. He had a 67% win ratio during his first reign with Chelsea, but in his second reign, it dropped to 58.82%. With Manchester United he enjoyed a 58.33% ratio whereas, with Spurs, he won 51.16% of the matches.

2. Pep Guardiola

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You cannot make this list without adding this tactical genius. Pep Guardiola revolutionized football with his style of play and led the teams to dominance wherever he went. He turned Manchester City into one of the most dominant Premier League sides of all time. He won the Premier League with City by breaking the record of most points and most goals scored in a season. The following season, City retained their title after a close battle with Liverpool.

Guardiola is yet to win a European title with Manchester City, but they came quite close last season. He led Manchester City to the Premier League title last season. He has impressive stats as Manchester City’s manager with a 72.70 win percentage which is difficult to emulate.

1. Sir Alex Ferguson

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There’s no question about Sir Alex Ferguson being the greatest Premier League manager of all time. The stats really speak for themselves. Under him, Manchester United became Premier League’s most dominant side for years. Manchester United won 13 Premier League titles with Sir Alex Ferguson as their manager. He also won the Champions League twice.

His win percentage of 59.7 shows how consistently he helped United to victories. It takes something special to have a 60% win ratio in 1500 games and that’s what Sir Alex Ferguson is, really really special.

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