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10 Fastest Footballers In The World Based On Top Speed

fastest footballers in the world

Speed is one of the most important attributes of a modern footballer. A player beating opponents with sheer pace gives so much joy to the eyes of spectators. Over the years, we have seen many speedsters blazing down the wing and dribbling past defenders to score a stunner which reflects the beauty of the game. Let us have a look at some of the fastest footballers in the world.

Before we proceed, let us tell you that this list is made on data and not on anybody’s opinion. Here are the top 10 fastest footballers in the world.

7. Gareth Bale 36.9 kmph

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Despite his lack of playing time in the recent seasons, Gareth Bale has always been one of the fastest players in the world. Bale has tremendous upper body strength and he uses it to great effect.

He may not be the first choice for his club right now, but he has still managed to clock a whopping 36.9 kph on the pitch. This puts him clearly ahead of the competition and makes him the fastest footballer in the world right now.

6. Phil Foden 37.17 kmph

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Who would have thought that Phil Foden is the fastest Manchester City player, or at least has the top speed among them. In a team with Leroy Sane, Kyle Walker and Raheem Sterling, it is quite an achievement.

Foden is seen as a replacement of David Silva. Manchester City has a lot of hopes from the youngster. He has a top speed of 37.17 kmph.

5. Fred 37.29

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Manchester United midfielder Fred has thrown his name into the hat to become United’s fastest player, after registering the quickest pace of the Premier League season so far.

The Brazilian has certainly impressed fans in recent weeks with his combative and hard-working performances, yet blistering speed is not something we’d automatically associate with him.

Impressively, Fred was clocked sprinting at 37.29 kilometers per hour in the 1-1 draw with Everton at Old Trafford, according to statistical experts Opta.

4. Shane Long 37.33 kmph

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The Irishman is proving that age is just a number when it comes to speed, out-running many opponents 10 years younger than him. Dubbed as ‘a powerful, no-nonsense striker’, Southampton forward Shane Long record sprint in the league, is 37.33 kmph against Newcastle in 2019.

The 30-year old Irish international has over 75 national caps under his name and has spent his club career in a host of teams including Reading, West Bromwich Albion and Hull City. Though he is not getting younger in the years to come, Long will still remain one of the fastest players in the Premier League history.

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