EFL Championship 2022-23: All 24 Clubs Ranked On Wage Bill

England is home to some of the most followed football clubs in the world. A lot of money is spent in the leagues here. Even though there is a huge difference in the money spent between the Premier League and Championship, the latter still manages to bag some quality players with more than decent spending. In this article, we have the Championship clubs ranked on the wage bill.

24. Rotherham [£4.6m]

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Rotherham has the lowest wage-bill in the championship. They spend £164,643 on an average per player wages annually. Their highest-paid player is Grant Hall, who is on loan from Middlesbrough.

23. Blackpool [£5.2m]

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Rhys Williams, the English centre-back on loan from Liverpool, is currently the highest-paid player at Blackpool. He makes a weekly wage of £10k. The club spends £174,667 on average per player annually.

22. Coventry City [£5.9m]

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Coventry City spends £5.9m annually on players, with an average of £245,000 per player annually. Their highest-paid player is Martyn Waghorn, who makes a weekly wage of £10,385.

21. Wigan Athletic [£6.6m]

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Ashley Fletcher, currently on loan from Watford, is the highest paid player at Wigan Athletic. He bags a weekly wage of £11,923, which translates to £620k annually.

20. Luton Town [£6.7m]

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Luton Town are currently 7th in the Championship table and have a playoff spot in their sight. Their highest-paid player is Ethan Horvath, who earns a weekly wage of £17,115.

19. Millwall [£7.7m]

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Zian Flemming is the highest-paid player at Millwall with a weekly wage of £15k. Millwall is currently 6th in the Premier League, and are in contention for a playoff spot.

18. Sunderland [£8.6m]

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Once an established Premier League club, Sunderland have been out of the top division since 2016–17. Sunderland fans will hope that the club will challenge for a playoff spot that could see them end their Premier League exile. The highest-paid player at the club is Manchester United loanee Amad Diallo, who earns a weekly wage of £28,846.

17. Blackburn Rovers [£9.1m]

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Dominic Hyam is the highest-paid player at Blackburn Rovers. He earns a weekly salary of £16,973 with the former Premier League champs. Blackburn are currently third in the Championship and have promotion in their sight.

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