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Can Leicester do the unthinkable?


A few months ago, if someone had told you, or me for that matter that Leicester would be top of the table in the last week of January, we’d be laughing him off and his prediction. Leicester, on January 31, 2015, were rock bottom of the table with 23 games played. No one expected them to come off the relegation zones, let alone transform drastically and compete for the title by January 31st 2016. But the unthinkable is now true, the dream is now reality. Leicester have shown the Premier League that money is not what’s neededto turn around a team’s fortune and Ranieri has shown that he isn’t the “Tinkerman” anymore, he means business.

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Sure the season isn’t over, Arsenal and Man City have all the capability and depth to catch up to them but Leicester’s season will go down into the history books, one of the many fairy tale stories football has carried throughout history. In the very least, Leicester will probably finish within the champions league spots, rounding up a season everyone will remember as the one where the minnows made the giants make a run for their results.

Many credit Leicester’s rise to Man City and Arsenal continuously blowing up their chance to be on top of the table along with Man utd playing lacklustre football, and Chelsea? that’s a whole different story. But it is much more than that, the Premier League top teams’ quality might have waned off but it isn’t the reason why Leicester are in charge of the Premier League



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