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Best West Ham Managers Ever – Top 8

best West Ham managers ever

Football, undoubtedly, is a game in which the players play their tooth and nail to win matches. After the regressive practice sessions, they also do various exercises to give their best effort in the field. However, it is the manager of any football club or team who plays a very crucial role in making both ends meet.

London based football club West Ham United appointed its first manager, Syd King, in 1902. Before 1902, team selection of West Ham used to be done by a committee. At present, David Moyes is the ongoing manager of the team. In this article, we will have a look at the best West Ham managers ever.

[Bonus: There a West Ham quiz after the article to test your knowledge about the club.]

These managers are ranked on the basiss of success, win percentage, legacy and the quality of football. Here is the list of 8 best West Ham managers ever –

8. Sam Allardyce

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Samuel Allardyce was appointed to the then relegated West Ham United in 2011 vowing  to play “attractive football” in getting West Ham back to the Premier League. He succeeded in that and in 2012, after only one season in the Championship, he brought West Ham back in the Premier League.

Big Sam described it as his best ever achievement. He managed 181 games and helped to win 69 matches with the winning percentage of 38.12% till he served West Ham till 2015.

7. Alan Pardew

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Alan Pardew had an impressive record as the manager of West Ham United. He guided the club to ninth place in the Premier League in the 2005–06 season. He managed 163 games from 2003 to 2006, with 41.10% win percentage. His stats puts him among the best West Ham managers ever.

6. Charlie Paynter

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Charlie Paynter replaced Syd King as the manager of West Ham in 1933 when the Club was in serious danger of a second successive relegation and finishing 20th in the league by the end of the season which still remains their lowest.

Paynter took the club forward helping them improve their form resulting in them finishing third and forth respectively in the following two years. He managed 480 matches for the club till 1950 with a 41.25% winning percentage.

5. Ted Fenton

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Fenton was the third manager of the West Ham football club, and he was the first under whom the club won the league title(second divison). He was appointed on 1 August 1950 and served till 31st march 1961. He managed 484 matches with a winning percentage of 39.88% percent, earning himself a place among the best West Ham managers ever.

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