Best Tottenham Players Of All Time | 20 Spurs Legends Ranked

6. Harry Kane [2011-present]

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A relatively slow starter, not making himself a regular in the Spurs line-up until the age of 21, he’s now second in the club’s all-time scoring records, aged 28. His instincts in front of the goal and the ability to take a shot from anywhere in the Penalty Box made him superior to the other strikers of the League.

He has won the Premier League Golden Boot thrice. He also won the Golden Boot in the FIFA World Cup 2018. The Tottenham Hotspur star striker scored 56 goals in 2017, which was the highest among the top 5 European Leagues.

He’s scored everywhere, from Tranmere to Tallaght, from Dortmund to Newport via a tonne in London – and has scored over 240 goals for Tottenham. He is surely one of the best centre forwards of world football right now, if not the best.

5. Cliff Jones [1958-1968]

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Cliff Jones is regarded as one of the best-left wingers to ever play in the English League. He scored 159 goals in 379 matches for Spurs, winning the FA Cup three times, the Division One title once and the Cup Winners’ Cup along the way.

Fifth in our list of ‘best Tottenham players of all time’ , Jones was a key part of the double-winning side of 1960–61. He was also a member of the successful Spurs sides in the 1962 FA Cup Final and 1963 European Cup Winners Cup Final.

On his time at Spurs, Jones said, “Winning wasn’t enough, it had to be done with a certain style. I had 10 years at the club and I loved everything about the period. It was a brilliant 10 years for me and I look back on it with great affection. It was a privilege to be involved.”

Jones moved to Fulham in 1968  before winding down his career in non-league football.

4. Glenn Hoddle [1975-1987]

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Hoddle was arguably the most technically gifted player to ever put on the Lillywhite jersey and he stayed loyal to his club even when bigger clubs came asking for him. Hoddle lit up the Lane for 12 years with sublime skills, unequalled passing ability, his eye for a goal, and that knack of being able to turn a game with a moment of magic.

He was the master in the midfield of the great Spurs team of the early 1980s that won two FA Cups and the UEFA Cup, although injury ruled him out of the European final. He also appeared in the 1987 FA Cup and 1982 League Cup Finals.

Hoddle initially joined the club on the recommendation of striker Martin Chivers in 1975 and went on to play almost 500 competitive games before moving to Monaco in 1987.

3. Danny Blanchflower [1954-1963]

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The inspirational captain of Spurs’ double-winning side, Danny Blanchflower is one of the most famous players of all time, not just at Spurs, but in world football.

One of the leaders and most decorated players of the great Tottenham side of the fifties and sixties, Blanchflower was twice named Player of the Year while at the club. In his day, Blanchflower was a brilliant midfielder, general of the pitch and tactician of the game.

Signed from Aston Villa for £30,000 in 1954, Blanchflower went on to play 384 competitive games for the club, lift the FA Cup twice, the Cup Winners Cup and the league title and gain 50 caps for Northern Ireland before retiring in 1964.

”Football is about glory,’ the late Danny once said. ‘It is about doing things in style and with a flourish. He is undoubtedly one of the best Tottenham players of all time.

2. David MacKay [1959-1968]

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Mackay was a physically imposing, but also creative midfielder who was the catalyst for the longest period of success in Spurs history. During a nine-year spell he won the league title, the FA Cup three times, and the Cup Winners Cup once, collecting 22 Scotland caps all the while.

He was part of the double-winning side of 1960-61, took the FA Cup for a second straight season in 1961-62, and won the European Cup Winner Cup in 1962-63. Mackay was the rock of the most successful Tottenham side ever. He was described, by fans, as one of ‘best Tottenham players of all time’ and was known as ‘the heartbeat’ of their most successful ever team.

1. Jimmy Greaves [1961-1970]

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One of the greatest Spurs legends and their highest goal scorer, Greaves struck an incredible 266 times in 380 games for Spurs on the way to winning two FA Cups and the Cup Winners Cup. Greaves finished as top League goalscorer in 1963, 1964, 1965 and 1969.

Quick with superb control and positional sense, Greaves was simply a natural goalscorer famed for coolly rolling the ball into the net rather than blasting it. He was cunningly signed from AC Milan for £99,999 by Bill Nicholson, to avoid him becoming the first £100,000 player, and perhaps the biggest compliment of all is that most considered that his arrival made the ‘double’ team ever better.

His record of finishing top goalscorer for six seasons has never been matched and he is still a welcome figure around the club to this day. He even managed to pick up a World Cup winners medal in that time too. Greaves moved on to West Ham in March 1970.

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    I’m afraid you have got some details very wrong Jimmy Greaves was not part of the famous Spurs Double Team. Jimmy signed for Spurs the following season 1961/1962.
    These are the players who played most games in the Double season:
    Brown, Baker, Henry, Blanchflower, Norman, Mackay, Jones, White, Smith, Allen and Dyson. Jimmy Greaves replaced Les Allen who was transfered to QPR. Who is the father of former Spurs player Clive Allen.

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