15 Best Right Backs In The World Right Now

3. Daniel Carvajal

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This 28 years old Spanish right-back joined Real Madrid in 2013 and now he is one of the best right-backs in the world. He has been playing for Real Madrid for the past 7 years and has won lots of trophies in his career. Passing, dribbling, holding, and blocking are the main thing he loves to do with the ball. Carvajal is quick on the ball and combines his defensive awareness with bombing runs up and down the right flank, making him a fantastic modern-day right-back.

2. Joshua Kimmich

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When we speak about a right back the first name that comes to our mind is Kimmich. This 25 years old Bayern Munich right-back has been one of the best right-backs in the world right now. He also plays as a central midfielder according to the demand of the team. His decision making is absolute top-notch. He is also very good at long crosses from one half to the other and creates deadly scoring situations from corners.

1. Trent Alexander-Arnold

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The 22 years old English footballer has already made a big name for himself with his extraordinary performance in the Premier League and Champions League. He has won the UCL and PL with Liverpool in the past couple of seasons, in which he played a crucial role. Arnold is well known for making accurate passes, playing long balls, and making perfect tackles to win the balls from the opponents.

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