15 Best Dribblers In The World Right Now

3. Adama Traore

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The big man from Spain is the best dribbler in England right now as he recorded 153 successful dribbles out of the total 216 attempted, which is the best in the league. He also had an average of 4.1 successful dribbles per game, which is also the best stat in the Premier League 2020-21 season. Traore has an excellent physique which together with his extreme pace makes him one of the most lethal dribblers in the world. He has been a thorn in the side of every PL team since joining Wolves in 2018.

2. Leo Messi

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Talking about dribbling and not mentioning the Argentinian maestro would be a serious crime. The Barcelona attacker is one of the best or maybe even THE BEST dribbler world has ever seen. He knows where to go even before getting the ball onto his feet. Balance, agility, skill and pace, he has got the perfect amount of everything. Even at the age of almost 34, he is at the top and the defenders are scared of facing him. The opposition managers have special tactics placed for this man every other match. He has averaged 4.5 successful dribbles per match in La Liga this season which is the best in the league.

1. Neymar

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The Brazilian is one of the most skillful players the world has ever seen and as you well know Brazilians are known for it. The PSG attacker hasn’t played many games in Ligue 1 this season but in 15 matches, he recorded an average of 4.8 dribbles per match and in the Champions League, he had an average of 3.7 successful dribbles per match. He is also known for getting fouled a lot and the statistics prove that, as he was fouled 4.9 times a match in last season’s UCL campaign. Beating defenders and humiliating them on the field isn’t a big deal for Neymar as he does that for fun week in, week out.

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