15 Best Dribblers In The World Right Now

8. Javi Galan

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Javi Galan was just behind Leo Messi in La Liga for the dribbles per game ratio last season. He has averaged a total of 3.7 successful dribbles per match last season. The Spanish wing-back has been quite busy humiliating defenders with his amazing skills this season. Being LWB who has to perform his defensive duties as well as helping the team in attack, he has been good in both aspects. He is another very skillful player, with a good touch and he keeps the ball glued to his feet. He had a total of 121 successful dribbles in the Spanish League which is the second-most in the league.

7. Rafa Silva

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Rafa Silva has been a new dribbling sensation in Portugal recently. He has got a great touch and very quick feet which helps him flooring the defenders rather easily. He is a skillful player with good finishing ability too. Benfica is known for creating great talents and Rafa is one of the examples. He has the best dribbling statistics in the Liga NOS Primeira with a successful dribble per match ratio of 3.7. The Portuguese is also a very versatile player who can play anywhere on the field while still showing his dribbling abilities.

6. Rodrigo de Paul

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Rodrigo de Paul had the best successful dribbles per game ratio in Serie A last season with 3.4 per game. He is an intelligent player with good technical qualities. He has a good range of passing and a great vision too. He dribbles with good awareness and always gets the ball in the danger area. He is performing well for Udinese since joining the club 5 years ago. He has also created the most chances (20) in Serie A last season. He is beyond doubt, one of the best dribblers In the world.

5. Jeremy Doku

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The 19-year-old has come out of nowhere to stun League 1 with his bedazzling dribbling skills. He is one of the best dribblers In the world already. He is a very promising youngster who just might be the next best thing. The aspect of his game that helps him the most in dribbling is his speed. There are not many players in League 1 who can catch Doku in a foot race. He does not give up on the ball very easily and gets to the ball quickly after getting it past his marker. He is also among those players who get fouled very often. The Belgian had an average of 3.7 successful dribbles per game last season which is the second-best in League, just behind Neymar.

4. Allan Saint-Maximin

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The Frenchman has some great skills up his sleeves when it comes to dribbling. He also has an excellent pace which helps him beat defenders in a race. He is a technically gifted player who has been giving great performances for Newcastle for the last two years. He attempted a total of 145 dribbles in last season’s campaign out of which he was successful in 96 of them, which makes a dribbling accuracy of 66.2%. These are quite good stats and the youngster has a lot of room and time for improvement.

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