Best Crossers In World Football – Top 10

6) Andrew Robertson

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Robertson is one of the best full-backs in the world at the moment. His work rate is immense. He is as good in defense as he is going forward. The Scotland national football team captain has more crosses in the Premier League than any other player having a whopping 174 crosses out of which almost 32 crosses were accurate in this season. Liverpool’s gameplay supports a lot of crosses and both their first-choice fullbacks are among the best crossers in world football

5) James Rodríguez

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The Colombian midfielder is a player with great talent. He is among those players who can simply just change the course of the game with their excellent range of passing, bedazzling through balls and inch-perfect crosses. In just 12 appearances this season the Everton starlet has 55 crosses out of which 20% were successful. James was giving fabulous performances being involved in 6 goals but the injury of his broke the tempo nonetheless he will pick up his stride and will soon be back at doing what he does best.

4) Aleksandar Kolarov

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Kolarov is famous for having an outrageous left foot. Crosses from left-footed players are always fatal. The Serbian might not be one of the best in defensive duties but he is an absolute danger going forward from the left flank. Players like him arrive once in a blue moon and he was also one of the main players in the 2013-14 Premier League title for Manchester City. He had a crossing accuracy of 27% in his time with the Sky Blues. He is currently playing for Inter Milan, having spent three quality seasons with Roma from 2017 to 2020.

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