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10 Most Underrated Players In The Premier League History

most underrated players in the Premier League history

In Premier League or any football league in the world, not everyone gets the credits they deserve. With players like Kane, Aguero or De Gea always making the headlines and receiving plaudits from fans and pundits, there are certain players who work tirelessly giving their all without much praise. In this article we aim to bring some of the most underrated players in the Premier League history into limelight.

Here are our top 10 most underrated players in the Premier League history

5. Peter Beardsley

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By the time the Premier League arrived in ‘92 Beardsley was approaching his mid-30s. Remarkably enough he was entering a golden phase: re-joining his home town club of Newcastle, he partnered Andy Cole in the most lethal strike-partnership the competition has even seen (55 goals in a single season). The newly promoted club finished 3rd, a feat impossible to imagine today.

It wasn’t the statistics, however, that made Beardsley special – everything about the way he played was extraordinary. Whether for England, Liverpool, Everton or Newcastle, he had an intelligence, and a desire to create which made good players around him look great. He said himself he found assists more satisfying than goals.

Arriving a little late on the scene might have contributed to his lack of recognition as a true great, but even the years he spent in the Premier League era, were no less than remarkable.

4. Claude Makelele

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Claude Makelele was not an amazing scorer or a flashy player, but he was without a doubt a revolutionary player at his position. Makelele was a defensive midfield and is credited by many as redefining the position. Makelele was incredibly consistent and strong player, capable of stifling his opponents. If you wanted a defensive midfielder that you could trust to go out there and consistently dominate nearly all the time, Makelele was your guy.

Claude Makelele diligently won the ball back in midfield and usually released it to a player best positioned to hurt the opposition. If such an option weren’t available, he’d pass it to the player closest to him and move into a better position which offered better passing opportunities. He scored just two goals for Chelsea and one of them was particularly memorable as it was a spectacular strike from outside the box, against arch rivals Tottenham Hotspur.

3. Pablo Zabaleta

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Zabaleta joined West Ham in 2017, after spending nine successful years with Manchester City.

He signed for City the day before the Abu Dhabi takeover went through and always gave 100 percent every time he played for the club. He was not underrated or underappreciated by Man City fans, but outside the blue half of Manchester, he remains criminally unappreciated.

Zabaleta has announced that the upcoming season will be his last in the Premier League. He will go down as one of the most underrated players in the Premier League history.

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