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Who Will Win The Premier League?

English Premier League fans are fortunate to be witnessing one of those incredible seasons set on fire with its unpredictability and surreal results aplenty.This season has been one of the weirdest in recent memory, so it took longer than normal for the dust to settle, and the top teams to emerge. Let’s have a look at which teams are within arms reach of the title.

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If there’s one team that can be banked upon to win the Premier League this season, at least on the basis of the overall squad, it’s Arsenal. As they’ve shown, they aren’t all about Alexis Sanchez or Mesut Ozil, there’s more to them and the statistics prove why.but the defeat against Chelsea and 0-0 draw against Southampton has raised some questions.Cech is great, and Koscielny and Bellerin are some of the best in Europe. Bellerin has massive potential, quickly attacking, then sprinting back before the other team has a chance to counter. Definite player to watch in the future. Ozil has vision and is one of the best playmakers in Europe.Is this the season when Arsenal finally end their decade of hurt?

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