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Top 15 Midfielders In The World Right Now

top 15 midfielders in the world right now

Midfielders are the one who controls the game from behind. They maintain possession and give key passes from which the best part of the game comes: Goal!  These players are the link between attack and defence often playing defence-splitting passes and breaking up opposition play as and when required.

Over the last year, we have witnessed many amazing midfielders go about their business. All the best teams across Europe have that one player capable of making a difference at the centre of the field.

Here are the top 15 midfielders in the world right now

15. Paul Pogba

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United struggled without Pogba, just as any side would without their most expensive and most important player. He is smart and quick. Strong in aerial duels , through balls and long distance shots. He likes to do layoffs but commits foul often. Sometimes his concentration falls too quick, otherwise, he is a complete midfielder. 5 assists and 3 goals so far, Pogba has a lot to prove this season yet.

14. Lorenzo Insigne

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If you are a Serie A daily follower, it is obvious you have been mesmerised by the impact of Lorenzo Insigne. 5 goals and 4 assists in Italian League so far, he is a real star of Napoli. He is strong in through balls and passing. He likes to cut inside and do layoffs. Though he has been criticised for his finishing and defensive interceptions, no one can deny his brilliance in the field.

13. Thiago Alcántara

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This Barcelona academy graduate was brilliant last season for Bayern Munich. He has often been the link between attack and defence for the Bundesliga champions. He is very strong in passing, ball interceptions and defensive play work. He likes to play long ball. Though he is not flourishing so much this season, managed only 1 goal in 6 appearances for the German side. But he has maintained 90% passing accuracy so far.

12. Fernandinho

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Aged 32, Fernandinho still has a lot to offer. This midfielder is one of the key players of Guardiola who has been brilliant so far. He is quite strong in passing and an appropriate defensive midfielder in his interceptions. He makes important tackles and also contribute in City’s attack. Fernandinho is a real class in midfield with an approx 90% passing accuracy this season so far.

11. = Philippe Coutinho

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He is only 25. But big guns of Europe are after him. Regarded as one of the best midfielders of this time, this versatile Brazilian can play in any position (central or both side) in midfield. He is strong in through balls and key passes. He likes to play long crosses and dribble cut inside the defence. Often he is deadly in set pieces too. He has been in this season, scoring 7 goals and making 6 assists in EPL so far.

11. = Christian Eriksen

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Eriksen has been superb so far this term, contributing six assists and five goals already in the Premier League. He finished last season with 15 assists, second only to Manchester City’s Kevin de Bruyne. Consistency, rather than talent, has been Eriksen’s issue since joining Spurs in 2013 but the Danish international now has matured.

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  1. And I wonder,among all those midfielder it’s only Ozil who earns little in arsenal shame up on Wenger is adangerous Coach and selfish

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