Top 12 Best Midfielders In The Premier League Era

Midfielders are arguably the most hard-working players on the football pitch. They contribute both in defence and attack. They are the ones who generally dictate the tempo af a game. Many great midfielders have played in the Premier League and today we will have a look at some of the

Manchester City’s 2017

The New year is the time when we look back to the previous year and review it. It is a time to remember old acquaintances, outlines blurred by the mist of memory. Manchester City in 2017 has become synonymous with some of the best-attacking play ever seen in English football

Manchester City Legends : Colin Bell

Manchester City Legends : Colin Bell

So desperate was Malcolm Allison in the summer of 1966 in wanting to sign Colin Bell that he would sit in the directors' box watching Bury's matches(Bell used to play for Bury then) and vocally criticise the 20 year-old inside forward Bell ,that he couldn't head the ball, couldn't pass

Top 10 Dribblers In The Premier League

top 10 dribblers in the Premier League

The football game has many aspects, one of it is dribbling. Dribbling is the key to unlocking opponents defence which leads to goals. Beating a man with a quick drop of the shoulder or with tight control is so satisfying and only the best players are able to pull of