Top 15 Best Centre-Backs In The World

best centre-backs in the world

''Attack wins you games,but defence wins you tournaments'' is a very famous saying among football fans,players and managers.All the greatest sides ever were built on the basis of rock solid defences.And to be a good defender you need power, tactical intelligence, technical capability,organisational skills and a brave-heart to take on anyone.In

Top 10 Biggest Rivalries In Italian Football

biggest rivalries in Italian football

Every major footballing country in the world has a great local rivalry and some of those rivalries run deeper than others.Italy is home to some of the fiercest football rivalries in world football.And today let us have a look at some of the biggest rivalries in Italian football. Here are the top

Top 10 Best Juventus Players Ever | Bianconeri Legends List

best Juventus players ever

Juventus is the most successful Italian club,winning a record 32 league titles,eleven Coppa Italia titles,seven Supercoppa Italiana titles among a list of other honours.They are on their course to win their sixth consecutive league title(Scudetto),having won every league title since 2011-12 season. Many great players have played for them in their rich