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10 Best Everton Players Ever | Greatest Legends

best Everton players ever

Everton is one of the biggest clubs in England.They have a huge fan-base and a rich history.Many great players have played for the club throughout it's history and today let us have a look at some of the best Everton players ever. Here are the top 10 best Everton players ever

10 Best Strikers In The Premier League’s History


Scoring goals is the ultimate aim of this beautiful game,and English Premier League has seen some really great goalscorers in its history.Today we will have a look at the top 10 Premier League Strikers. 10 Best Strikers In The Premier League's History are -

Top 20 Best Ever Matches In The Premier League History

best ever matches in the Premier League history

It goes without saying that premier League is the most competitive league in the world.Many great players and managers operate in this league.This league have produced many great matches over its history and today we will have a look at some of the best ever matches in the Premier League history. From

Premier League’s Most Valuable Players

Premier League's Most Valuable Players

Taking into account some important factors such as  age, ability, players' marketability,achievements,consistency we have made a list of Premier League's Most Valuable Players,based on monetary value. Here is our list of Premier League's Most Valuable Players.Please note that we have only given the estimated value of a player,but when a player is in

Top 25 Premier League Players! – Ranked

top 25 premier league players

English Premier League is home to some of the finest footballers in the world.These footballers have provided all the skills and thrills that has made this league the most watched league in the world.Among all these big names,we have sorted out top 25 Premier League players and ranked them. Ranking is