Top 20 Foreign Premier League Players Of All Time

Top 20 Foreign Premier League Players Of All Time

Football is a glorious game. Since the game’s inception as its present form in the year 1863 in England; the 15-oz leather ball has seen lots of improvisations, rolling across in over 200 countries and mesmerizing millions witnessing the magic laid down by the masters controlling it. And being the

Gündoğan Warns Chelsea & Conte Unhappy With Fixture

Gündoğan Warns Chelsea

Manchester City midifielder İlkay Gündoğan has issued warning to Chelsea ahead of their crunched Premier League fixture on Saturday. Speaking to City's official website, Gündoğan said: "It's a huge game and it's away, so it's even more difficult, but we feel ready.''If you ask the manager there is always something to

Top 10 Foreign Goalscorers In The Premier League History

best foreign goalscorers in the Premier League history

Premier League,the world's most watched football league attracts talent from around the world.Managers and footballers from all over the world dream of being a part of this league.Many great goalscorers have graced this league and in this article we will have a look at some of the best foreign goalscorers