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Players With The Most Assists In The Premier League History

players with the most assists in the Premier league history

Breaking down the opponent's defence and providing pinpoint balls to the strikers to score,is not easy.But many players master this skills and racked up many assists in their career.These players play an important part in their team's success.So let us have a look at the players with the most assists

Goalkeepers With The Most Clean Sheets In The Premier League History

most clean sheets in the Premier League History

  Goalkeeping is the most specialised position in football. The goalkeeper's primary role is to prevent the opposing team from successfully moving the ball over the defended goal-line.Goalkeepers are expected to marshal the defence and to keep a clean sheet if possible.A clean sheet matters more to a goalkeeper than a goal matters to

Greatest Premier League Players Ever

Since its inaugural season 24 years ago, the Premier League has gone onto become, if not the best, then certainly the most watched league in the world. In that time several of the world’s best players have graced England’s top clubs. We decided to make a list of 14 'Greatest Premier League

Top 10 Best Arsenal Vs Chelsea Matches

best Arsenal vs Chelsea matches

Arsenal and Chelsea are two of the biggest English Clubs to come from London.There is much dislike between the both sets of fans and it can be seen whenever they play each-other.Encounters between these two have produced many memorable matches and today let us have a look at some of

Top 10 Best African Players In Premier League History

best African players in Premier League History

Africa has produced some of the greatest footballers,few of which have gone on to become absolute legends of the game.Many of these players came from poor background,but poverty did not stop these footballers from going on to take over the game at its highest level.Today we will have a look at some