Most Injury Prone Footballers Ever

Injuries are one of the uglier aspect of the beautiful game of football.Injuries have ruined many footballers carrer,some of them even had to retire.Today we will look at some of those 'Most Injury Prone Footballers Ever'.

Biggest Football Traitors Ever

Football is all about passion.As football fans, we tend to get very attached to the stars of our favorite teams. We see certain players as icons—representative of the ambition, hopes and aspirations of the club they play for.But there are some footballers who became villian for their fans by leaving


As the transfer window is progressing, we are getting some interesting rumours floating in the air. There is a strong rumour about Dortmund star Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang moving to Arsenal. The African player of the year has been heavily linked with premier league leader for some days. Now we are here