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Top 10 Best Bundesliga Players Ever

best Bundesliga players ever

Bundesliga has a long and rich history,in which many great players plyed their trade in the league.Among all those great players,today we will have a look at some of the best Bundesliga players ever! Taking into consideration major aspects like performance,longevity and impact on the league,here are the top 10 best Bundesliga

10 Best Bayern Munich Players Ever | Greatest Legends List

best bayern munich players ever

Bayern Munich are one of the biggest football club in Germany as well as Europe.They have a rich and respected history.Throughout their history there have been a number of incredible players to grace Bayern with their extraordinary talents.So today we will have a look at 10 best Bayern Munich players ever

Biggest Football Traitors Ever

Football is all about passion.As football fans, we tend to get very attached to the stars of our favorite teams. We see certain players as icons—representative of the ambition, hopes and aspirations of the club they play for.But there are some footballers who became villian for their fans by leaving