10 Best Playmakers In World Football

best playmakers in world football

Opening up the opposition defence is not always easy.It takes a special type of player to open up an opposition defence. It’s about more than just pace or dribbling abilities, it’s about having the intelligence to see the openings that others can’t and having the flawless passing technique to exploit

Best Barcelona Players Ever | Barcelona Legends – Top 10

best playmakers in world football

Barcelona are one of the best teams in the world,if not the world.Titles are won year after year as great players pull on the famous Catalonian blue and red.Barcelona have had some of the greatest footballers to ever grace a pitch.Today we will look at some of the best Barcelona players

Best Spanish Football Players In The World Now

Best Spanish Football Players

The world has been blessed with Spanish football, a game played so skillfully it can be considered its own form of art.Spanish footballers has always lit the world of football wherever they play.Today we have made a list of 10 Best Spanish Football Players In The World Now. Best Spanish Football

10 Most Underrated Football Players

While the 'Ronaldo or Messi debate is never-ending, there are other players who are playing the games of their lives, playing important roles in their teams but rarely get the credit they deserve.They give their all,but people hardly chant their names in the stands.Lets us have a look at such underrated football

Top Player Rivalries Of All Time

The football world has seen many tug of wars take place between members of two rival sides.player rivalries have been a part of football since years,supporters passion and media helps to intensify the rivalry.Current example of such player rivalry is the rivalry between Messi and Ronaldo.Today we will have a look

Biggest Football Traitors Ever

Football is all about passion.As football fans, we tend to get very attached to the stars of our favorite teams. We see certain players as icons—representative of the ambition, hopes and aspirations of the club they play for.But there are some footballers who became villian for their fans by leaving