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Top 15 Best Centre-Backs In The World

best centre-backs in the world

''Attack wins you games,but defence wins you tournaments'' is a very famous saying among football fans,players and managers.All the greatest sides ever were built on the basis of rock solid defences.And to be a good defender you need power, tactical intelligence, technical capability,organisational skills and a brave-heart to take on anyone.In

Top 10 Best La Liga Players Ever

best La Liga players ever.

In it's history of 88 years ,La Liga has seen many great players right through the ages.Some of these players have left an everlasting mark on this league,so today we will have at some of the best La Liga players ever. Taking into consideration major aspects like longevity.perfomances and the impact

10 Players Who Played For Both Real Madrid And Barcelona

players who played for both Real Madrid and Barcelona

The rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid is one of the biggest football rivalries in the world.These teams are two of the biggest clubs in the world and have had some legendary names in the team over the years.However,there are even some players who turned out for both the teams

10 Best Playmakers In World Football

best playmakers in world football

Opening up the opposition defence is not always easy.It takes a special type of player to open up an opposition defence. It’s about more than just pace or dribbling abilities, it’s about having the intelligence to see the openings that others can’t and having the flawless passing technique to exploit