Celebrity Fans And Their Favourite Football Clubs

Celebrity Football Fans

We’ve all seen celebrities donning their footy gear, supporting their sides with pride.  And in a way, when they support our team we too feel a sense of pride. We now present you with our list of Celebrity Fans And Their Favourite Football Clubs ! Here is our list of celebrity football

Top 20 Best Ever Matches In The Premier League History

best ever matches in the Premier League history

It goes without saying that premier League is the most competitive league in the world. Many great players and managers operate in this league. This league have produced many great matches over its history and today we will have a look at some of the best ever matches in the Premier

10 Players Who Played Both For Arsenal And Manchester City

Arsenal and Manchester City have had numerous connections over the past 30 years, especially with a number of recent high-profile transfers between the two clubs. Some of these players were involved in direct transfers while some took indirect route. Today we will have at such 10 players who played both