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Premier League Clubs Ranked By Percentage Attendance

Premier League clubs ranked by percentage attendance

Premier League is one of the most watched football league in the world. Fans around the world support their team with passion and dedication. Some of the clubs are more supported than the others and in this article we have ranked the Premier league Clubs according to their percentage attendance.

Here are the Premier League clubs ranked by their percentage attendance.

20. Tottenham Hotspur [78.1%]

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Following the demolition of White Hart Lane, Wembley provides a temporary base for the north Londoners and a time to test the size of their fan base. Spurs will play all home fixtures at Wembley Stadium during this season at full 90,000 capacity.

Even though the fact that attendance figure of 80,827 against Liverpool set a new record mark both in the Premier League and for the Club for a home league match, their average attendance so far has only been 70,331 ,which is only 78.1% of full capacity.

19. West Brom [83.7%]

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The average attendance at the Hawthorns so far has been around 25k which is 4.9k less than their capacity. West Brom’s dodgy start to the season may have contributed to that. Last season, The Hawthorns was 87.5% full on an average, so the attendance may improve as the season goes on.

18. Burnley [89.9%]

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Burnley have made a very good start to the season , with the Sean Dyche’s side collecting 22 points from the first 13 matches. However , this impressive start have not resulted in a massive turnout and their average attendance has only been 20,261.

17. Bournemouth [92.5%]

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Bournemouth has the smallest stadium in the Premier League with a full capacity of just 11,464. But even with small capacity, Dean Court has only been 92.5% full so far this season, with an average turnout of 10,601.

16. Watford [94.0%]

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Watford’s average attendance this season has been 20,276 ,which is 94.0% of Vicarage Road’s capacity. They have collected an impressive 21 points in 14 games so far this season.

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