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Players With The Most Goals In La Liga History – Top 10

players with the most goals in La Liga history

La Liga is home to two of the greatest footballers in the world right now -Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.These players score goals for fun and create new records week in,week out.Even before them La Liga have had great goalscorers and today let us have a look at some of the players with the most goals in La Liga history.

Here are the top 10 players with the most goals in La Liga history –

10.Edmundo Suárez [195 Goals] [1939-1950]

Mundo Suárez is considered an idol for fans of Valencia FC because he holds the record for the highest number of league goals scored for the team. During his football career he won the Spanish top goalscoring award twice. He is currently the tenth highest goal scorer in the history of the Spanish league, and the fifth highest goalscoring in the history of the Copa del Rey.

His great physical strength allowed him to dominate Spanish football during the 1940s.During his career, he was a high-scoring player obtaining an average of 0.92 goals per game with Valencia FC. He was also awarded the Pichichi Trophy in the 1941–42 and 1942–43 seasons, with 27 and 28 goals respectively.

He guided Valencia to 3 La Liga titles and 2 Copa del Rey during his time with the club,before moving to Alcoyano for a season,then he retired.

9.Pahiño [210 Goals] [1943-1956]

Pahiño was a Spanish footballer who played as a striker.Over the course of 12 seasons, he played 278 games in La Liga, scoring 211 goals for Celta, Real Madrid and Deportivo. He won one Pichichi Trophy each with the first two clubs.

Pahiño possessed a powerful shot with either feet as well as a tremendous heading ability.In 1945, during a promotion play-offs clash against Granada, he played more than 40 minutes with a broken fibula after a challenge by José Millán, in an eventual 4–1 away win.

8.Quini [219 Goals] [1970-1987]

Enrique Castro González  known as Quini, is a Spanish retired footballer who played as a striker.

In a career totally connected with Sporting de Gijón and FC Barcelona, he was widely regarded as one of the country’s best strikers, having won a total of seven Pichichi Trophy awards, five of those in La Liga.

On 1 March 1981, after scoring twice for Barcelona in a 6–0 home win against Hércules CF, Quini was kidnapped by two men at gunpoint, being forced into a van. After many developments and 25 days – during this time, Barcelona could only amass one draw in four games, eventually losing the title race – he was rescued unharmed, upon cooperation between the Spanish and Swiss law enforcement agencies.


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