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League Champions That Relegated Following year

Winning the league is not easy,you need to have enough determination and consistency to face all the challenges from other teams and overcome them to become the champions of your country.After reaching the summit ,the next big challenge is to stay there.There are many clubs who retained their league with enough hard-work and consistency.But there are few teams that collapsed after winning the league and resulted in disastrous following season.Today we will present you few ‘ League Champions That Relegated Following year  ‘.

1.FC Nurnberg -(Germany)

Nurnberg won the Bundesliga in 1967-68.It was their first title after Germany decided to have a single national league i.e. the Bundesliga was formed (in 1962).

Manager Max Merkel then decided to overhaul the title-winning team of senior players to make way for a new team that focused on youth players. A total of 13 players were added to the squad and even Brungs was not spared, who eventually joined Hertha BSC.

It would be Merkel’s biggest blunder – one that would cost him dearly. Though they survived as a mid-table team in the early stages of the 1968/69 season, they went to the bottom of the table midway through the season and would never find the form that made them champions a season before. Merkel would be sacked in March and, although new manager Kuno Klotzer would briefly oversee a mini-resurgence, it was too late to mount a comeback. They were relegated on the final matchday with results going against them.

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