Top 10 Manchester City Defenders Of All Time

top 10 Manchester City defenders of all time

Manchester City have made an electrifying start to the current season which has seen them hit five goals twice, six once and seven once. But what has impressed critics the most is their defense, which in recent years have been somewhat leaky or the weak point of the team. Manchester City

Top 20 Foreign Premier League Players Of All Time

Top 20 Foreign Premier League Players Of All Time

Football is a glorious game. Since the game’s inception as its present form in the year 1863 in England; the 15-oz leather ball has seen lots of improvisations, rolling across in over 200 countries and mesmerizing millions witnessing the magic laid down by the masters controlling it. And being the

Best And Worst Transfer XI’s Of The Summer

Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport has come up with the best and worst transfer XI's of the summer. The list includes some obvious names who have failed to impress so far inspite of big money moves. But, some of the names termed as flops raised some serious eyebrows among the