Best Full-Backs In The Premier League History – Top 15

best full-backs in the Premier League history

Full-backs play are a great role in attack as well as in defense. They make overlapping runs trying to provide a pinpoint cross for the strikers to feed on and also come running back to stop the opposition's wingers dribbling inside the box. Full-backs role requires a lot of strength,

10 Best African Players In Premier League History

Africa has produced many great footballers, few of which have gone on to become absolute legends of the game. Many of these players came from poor background, but poverty did not stop these footballers from going on to take over the game at its highest level. Today we will have a look

10 Players Who Played For Both Chelsea And Tottenham

Players Who Played For Both Chelsea And Tottenham

Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur are two of the biggest clubs in England. The London derby that is played between them is a fierce affair. Fans of both the clubs have immense dislike towards each other. Its hard to imagine a player playing for both these rivals clubs. Still there are several players