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Biggest Football Traitors Ever

Football is all about passion.As football fans, we tend to get very attached to the stars of our favorite teams. We see certain players as icons—representative of the ambition, hopes and aspirations of the club they play for.But there are some footballers who became villian for their fans by leaving them in order to join a rival club.Today we present you a list of ‘Biggest Football Traitors Ever’.

10.Cesc Fabregas

Fabregas left for Barcelona in 2011, the hearts of Arsenal fans everywhere were crushed. He was the captain, and considered to be the long-term future of the team. Most forgave him based solely on the fact that Barcelona was his boyhood club . All that goodwill was permanently undone when he joined Arsenal’s bitter cross-town rivals Chelsea. Arsenal reportedly turned him down when he came knocking because they had a glut of talent in attacking midfield, but Arsenal fans will never be able to forgive him for going to José Mourihno’s Chelsea when he practically had his pick of any top club in the world.

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