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Best Tottenham Players Of All Time | Spurs Legends – Top 10

Best Tottenham Players Of All Time

Even though the fact that Tottenham Hotspur hasn’t won any major silverware in the Premier League Era apart from two League Cup trophies – one from 1999, the other from 2008,they still remain one of the biggest and most followed clubs in England.

There have been some top four finishes and plenty of near-misses.Perhaps the biggest point of pride Tottenham can claim from the Premier League era is that they are one of few clubs never to have been relegated.Having said that many great players have played for this club.Among the best Tottenham players of all time,we have sorted out 10 Spurs legends who shook this North London club.

Best Tottenham players of all time are

10.Paul Gascoigne

Paul Gascoigne was one of the best English midfielders of all time who played for Tottenham Hotspur in the period 1988-1992. While his time was short with the club, it was a sweet few years after arriving from Newcastle.

He managed to make 100 appearances for Spurs.During his period at Tottenham Hotspur, Gascoigne won a FA Cup trophy in 1991. He was also a vital part of the English team that finished third in the 1990 World Cup.

9.Steve Perryman

One of the best Tottenham players of all time,Steve Perryman holds the record for most numbers of appearances at Tottenham Hotspur, with a total of 854 caps.Perryman led Tottenham to two UEFA Cup titles, two FA Cup trophies and two League Cup trophies.

He was also named PFA Player of the Year in 1982.

8.Ledley King

Ledley King is one of the best defenders to have played for Tottenham Hotspur. He spent his entire professional career with the club from 1999 to 2012 and won the League Cup trophy in 2008.

The most astonishing stat is that King went the whole of his career with just eight yellow cards.Arsenal legend Thierry Henry once admitted that King was the best defender he ever faced.

He was also trusted to be the captain of Tottenham Hotspur for four years, from 2005 to 2009.He is one of the latest entry among the Spurs legends.


7.Pat Jennings

During his period at Spurs,Jennings was considered to be the best goalkeeper in the world.He may be the model that most modern goalkeepers are taught off of, as he was a true all-around keeper, able to use his feet nearly as well as his hands.

During 14 years playing for Spurs, Jennings won one FA Cup, two League Cup trophies and a UEFA Cup trophy and earned himself a place among greatest Spurs legends.



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  1. I’m afraid you have got some details very wrong Jimmy Greaves was not part of the famous Spurs Double Team. Jimmy signed for Spurs the following season 1961/1962.
    These are the players who played most games in the Double season:
    Brown, Baker, Henry, Blanchflower, Norman, Mackay, Jones, White, Smith, Allen and Dyson. Jimmy Greaves replaced Les Allen who was transfered to QPR. Who is the father of former Spurs player Clive Allen.

  2. OPPS I’ve made a big mistake egg on my face. Your article about Jimmy Greaves was correct. I misread the the sentence below Dave Mackay thinking it was about Jimmy Greaves. BIG APOLOGIES FROM MYSELF….

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