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10 Best Chelsea Players Ever | List Of Chelsea Legends

best chelsea players ever , list of chelsea legends

Chelsea is one of the biggest football club in England as well as whole of Europe.The club was established in 1905.Roman Abramovich purchased the club in 2003, Chelsea experienced a rise unlike any other to that point, but ended up becoming the innovator in player acquisitions. Many great players played for this club since then,but that’s not to discount the business the club did before the new owner rolled into West London.Some of the Chelsea legends made their name among the ‘best Chelsea players ever’ even before Abrahimovic’s era.

Among the list of Chelsea legends we have sorted out 10 Best Chelsea players ever.

1.John Terry

Among all the Chelsea legends,no one had that much impact on the club as John Terry.

Only active player for Chelsea in this list of Chelsea legends.The centre-back has captained Chelsea through their most successful period, winning four league titles, five FA Cups, three League Cups, the Europa League and the Champions League.

Terry tops our list of Best Chelsea Players Ever.


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