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10 Most Underrated Football Players

While the ‘Ronaldo or Messi debate is never-ending, there are other players who are playing the games of their lives, playing important roles in their teams but rarely get the credit they deserve.They give their all,but people hardly chant their names in the stands.Lets us have a look at such underrated football players.

He is our list of ’10 Most Underrated Football Players’.

10.Alvaro Arbeloa

Arbeloa is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for Real Madrid.

Real Madrid signed him in 2009. His move to Madrid looked out-of-place when other new arrivals at the club that summer included Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema.

In the years since then, he’s quietly racked up almost 150+ league games for Real Madrid, won every competition in the world and got most of his 60+ caps for Spain. Those years have seen Real Madrid create an almost unbreakable defence, and Arbeloa’s been a key part of that.

He’s not Real Madrid’s first choice anymore but the last few years have seen him be one of the club’s most established, and underrated, players.

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