10 Footballers That Could Have Been Great

Footballers That Could Have Been Great

In order to become a great footballer you need to be mentally strong,have a bit of luck in your favour,and most importantly,ability.Today we will look at some of the footballers who had all the abilities to become great but couldn’t become one because of their attitude or luck.

Here is our list of ‘Footballers That Could Have Been Great’.


After a very impressive start to his career in Brazil and then Italy with Parma and Inter, the striker’s love for nightlife and alcohol and his poor fitness would have a negative effect on his career in general, causing him to be left off the Brazilian national team and benched by then-Inter manager Roberto Mancini.

His return to Brazil with Sao Paulo and Flamengo would be followed by a short-lived and unsuccessful stint with Roma before returning to his home country.The Brazilian is 10th in ‘Footballers That Could Have Been Great’.

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