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10 Famous Footballers And Their Education Qualification

footballers education qualification

Football is the most followed sport in the world.To pursue a career in football you need to work really hard on the field.Most footballers give up on their education in order to focus on their football career,but there are some footballers who manged time for both education and football.Today we will have at look some of the footballers education qualification from past and present.

10.Giorgio Chiellini

One of the best defenders in the world,Giorgio Chiellini, graduated from his high school with full marks and he later graduated with a degree in Business Economics from Turin.

9.Glen Johnson

In 2012,Stoke City’s right back, Glen Johnson had revealed that he was studying for a degree in Mathematics and that he used to dedicate two hours a day for studying.

He also said “I’m doing a mathematics degree,” he says. “I was good at maths at school but I didn’t really think of anything else but football.”

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