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10 Best Playmakers In World Football

best playmakers in world football

Opening up the opposition defence is not always easy.It takes a special type of player to open up an opposition defence. It’s about more than just pace or dribbling abilities, it’s about having the intelligence to see the openings that others can’t and having the flawless passing technique to exploit the tiny gaps in the opposition’s defense. For obvious reasons, we call these players the playmakers, and below you’ll find the 10 best playmakers in world football today.

Here are the 10 best playmakers in world football-




Drafted in by Chelsea at the beginning of the 2014-15 season, the Spanish international was taking a big risk in some people’s eyes by swapping La Liga’s polished passing-happy style for the harshness of the Premier League.

He had a bad last season,but he is doing really well this term.What makes Cesc such a great playmaker is his ability to pass from deep in the midfield, connect things through the very centre of the pitch, and create as an attacker in the final third—his versatility is a manager’s dream.

Best Chelsea Players Ever

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